Host an unforgettable Oscars party with these 3 tips

1. Set the tone.


Source: Creative Coverings

While this is true of any party, Oscars parties aren’t as ubiquitous as a baby shower or holiday party and can run the gamut in terms of formality. Some people like to dress up in cocktail attire, others like to dress up like movie characters and others go for a more low key gathering. Let your guests know upfront what to expect. Most people do this with a mailed invitation, but any form of clear communication will work (Facebook, evite, email, etc.).

2. Details, Details, Details!

Source: The Little Big Company

To me, it’s all in the details. They really do elevate a party and one of the easiest ways to add creative details is with food. Food is a must at any party but with the glamour of the Oscars, you can have a bit more fun with presentation. Popcorn bars featuring savory and sweet selections, candy buffets, or a signature cocktail are all fun ways to make the party feel unique. (On a side note, I am in love with this popcorn bar from Lark & Linen! Check out her post here and she’ll walk you through how to do it!)


Source: Lark & Linen

Even if you are hosting a pot luck, you can still add special touches like these cupcake toppers and food tent cards.

Cupcake Toppers for an Oscar Party

Source: GetPartyChic


Source: GetPartyChic

Labeling food allows guests to easily know what it is and saves the hostess from 15 different people asking “what is in this dip?” It’s also considerate when you consider guests with food allergies.

But it doesn’t have to be all food. You can decorate in a way that makes this party feel different from others. Beautiful garlands and balloons can add so much flair.

Gold Garland

Source: GlitterandGrain

You can also dress up your tables with fun decor like sparkly vases or champagne bottles. To get guests in a Hollywood mood, you can write their name on a star and place it throughout the party area. Once they find it, they can enter it in a bowl for a door prize. Swag bags (also known as goody bags) are sure to be a hit as well. Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas.

3. Make it fun.


Source: Anchor Printables

Source: Anchor Printables

Very few parties lend themselves well to games, but certain games are great for an Oscars party. Since the show is the focus, games can help when the show starts to drag, or to help keep guests not interested in the show engaged.

One great option is to give each guest an Oscars ballot. Many people have their guests vote and then award a prize to the winner with the most correct guesses at the end of the night. It is a really fun way to watch the Oscars, but if nothing else, it at least helps people who have no idea who has been nominated keep up.

Another great option is Oscars bingo. You can mark off events such as “winner cries” or “Birdman wins an award” as they happen in real time. This gets people involved and has been a big hit over the last few years. Our retail site, has a great bingo game and matching ballot that you can customize. You can have “[Your name’s] Oscar Bingo” and voting ballot at your party, making you feel like the star for the night. 🙂 

In addition to bingo and ballot games, you can have guests answer movie trivia during commercial breaks or guess movie quotes. There is also the game where you place the name of an actor or actress on the back of each person and by asking other guests clues throughout the night, they can guess who they are.

Overall, we hope that by setting the tone, getting creative with the details and providing some fun games, you will have a blast at your Oscars party. Relax and have fun. And if all else fails, throw an incredible after party by yourself! 🙂

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