Chai-Spiced Cookie (Betty Crocker)

Cookies and Party 009

I used to work right next to a Panera, and I have to admit, I got a little addicted to their chai tea. It was just too tempting after a brisk walk to work on a cold morning. (Luckily, I was able to kick the habit pretty quickly when I realized how pricey it was getting.) But I still love the flavors of chai tea, so for this year’s annual cookie exchange, I found this recipe on Betty Crocker’s website. These cookies are super flavorful but aren’t super sweet–even after being rolled in powdered sugar. If that is your thing, then perfect! Next time though, I might forgo the powdered sugar and dip them in white chocolate, because, well, I like my cookies super sweet.

Cookies and Party 035


Of course, that didn’t stop me from eating some! Nom, nom, nom!

Cookies and Party 022


Cookies and Party 039


Cookies and Party 040


A couple of notes about this recipe, I doubled it and only got about 64 cookies (not 96). Even though I doubled it, I didn’t double the powdered sugar mix and still had plenty. The cardamon spice is sort of pricey, but I plan on making a chai tea mix in the near future, so the spices won’t go to waste. I also found these tasted the best one day after baking. This is a unique little cookie, perfect for those chilly winter days, or for a homemade gift this Christmas, so head on over to Better Crocker’s site and check them out!

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