DIY Glowstick Pumpkin

So, okay, I have something to admit. Don’t judge me. Here goes, I haven’t carved a pumpkin in 4 years. Yep. Apparently for the past 3 Halloweens I have completely mismanaged my time (shocking) during the precious fleeting days of fall and never got around to it. But, this year I am totally making up for it with my glow stick pumpkins. I recently went to an awesome wedding where they had glow sticks on the dance floor, and it was so much fun I wanted to find a way to work them into a craft.


Okay, so start with your pumpkin.


Carve it out from the bottom. This is the first time I have done this and so far so good! It leaves the top pretty and you can just place your pumpkin right over your light source instead of having to reach down into the pumpkin to turn it on or off. (I always use flameless lights like tea lights.)


Pumpkin guts! I used the pasta spoon thingy and didn’t get my hands messy at all! I do recommend those pumpkin carving tool sets though because my knife was a bit cumbersome.


Stencil or draw on your design and carve! Get as fancy as you want. I chose a very basic design as a timesaver.


Here’s where it gets fun! I used a 3/16 drill bit on a power drill and drilled holes all the way through the pumpkin rind.


I paid close attention to the angle of my drill. This is a 90 degree hole, so the glow stick would stick straight up, but most of my holes were at about a 45 degree angle to the pumpkin. Do what works for your design.


Insert glow sticks!! This one looks like a sunburst to me.


Glow stick explosion! (My sister hands out glow sticks for Halloween–this could be a good way to distribute them!)

Deranged bunny?


Happy caterpillar?


The possibilities are endless! Next I want to try cat whiskers. And I know some Star Wars fans could have a field day mimicking light sabers. I would definitely customize the faces to your idea; I was mainly experimenting with the sunburst and explosion motif. Now, glow sticks are generally good for one night, but if you make that night Halloween and place in a dark area of your yard, it will be a sight! (Plus the drill holes make for a cool effect on their own, so lighting it like a normal Jack-O-Lantern before Halloween works well too.)

What do these images look like to you? Are you inspired to make a glow stick pumpkin?


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